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Closer to Your Heart. Closer to Your Home.

At Perry County Memorial Hospital, we recognize how children must be nurtured to develop well emotionally, physically, 和 cognitively. 任务 of our staff in our pediatrics department is to serve all the needs of the children 和 families we see in a safe, caring environment. 我们知道 firsth和 how a sick or injured child affects the entire family.

Perry County Memorial Hospital is proud to offer two pediatricians that serve several locations. We are here to provide support during your child's 生命的旅程.

我们的 board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Krystle Hahus, has been a native of Perry County for several years. Dr. Hahus sees patients at our Perry County Family Practice location.

Dr. Seth Coynor, board-certified pediatrician, is new to Perry County 和 serves patients at the 13街诊所 和 the Spencer County Clinic.

Both pediatricians are now accepting new patients.

Compassionate, Expert Care for Kids

As a parent, you can work with your child’s pediatrician to ensure a healthy future for them by working as a team. Together, parents 和 pediatricians can help children establish lifelong healthy behaviors. Pediatricians also provide preventative care guidelines so parents can manage common illnesses or injuries. 我们的 goal at 十大电子游艺平台网站 is to address your child’s physical health 和 support their overall needs as their mind 和 body grow over the years.

We provide the following pediatric services:

  • 体检
  • Pediatric emergency services
  • 损伤的治疗
  • Removing foreign bodies
  • New出生 和 baby care
  • 健康儿童的访问
  • Chronic condition management
  • Developmental/behavioral care
  • 免疫接种
  • Education 和 support to parents

We are now offering the Vaccines for Children program by the CDC 和 can vaccinate ANY child up to age nineteen, regardless of insurance status. Vaccines are available at our Perry County Family Practice location in Leopold 和 the 13街诊所, located in 告诉城市.

Promoting a Healthy Future for the Next Generation

十大电子游艺平台网站 provides expert-level pediatric care close to home with the same cutting-edge medical equipment 和 technology as hospitals in more urban areas. 我们的 child patients aren’t just another patient. 博士. Hahus,每 new出生, child, 和 adolescent under her care, received individualized medical attention from start to finish. 我们的 skilled pediatrics team, including pediatric nurse practitioners, work together to deliver the very best medical care your child needs.

We encourage parents-to-be to find a pediatrician before their child is 出生. That way, your new出生 can begin wellness visits right away, 和 your child’s pediatrician can take a detailed family medical history 和 make a care-taking plan for your baby’s first few days 和 weeks at home.

Pediatrician Appointment Tips for Parents

With a little preparation, you can make the most of your visit to our pediatrics 诊所. Don’t be shy to bring up your concerns, no matter how trivial you may think they may be. If you’ve noticed anything noteworthy about your child’s health 和 development, including behavioral changes, write a list of questions to ask your child’s pediatrician 在访问期间. You can discuss any number of things about your child’s growth 和 development with their pediatrician, including their everyday life 和 any challenges they face. Anything you think would we worthy of gaining a health care professional’s advice, be sure to ask.


我们的 Perry County Family Practice 位于 18485 State Road 37, Leopold, Indiana 47551. You can reach us at (812) 843-3038, 和 we are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 和 Friday from 7:00 a.m. 到下午4点.m. On these days, we are closed for lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. On Wednesdays, we are open from 9:00 a.m. 至下午5时.m. 和 closed for lunch from 1:00 p.m. 至下午二时.m.

我们的 13街诊所 位于 148 13th Street 告诉城市, Indiana 475586. 请打电话给 812-547-9661 for appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 和 Friday from 9:00 a.m. 至下午5时.m.

我们的 Spencer County Clinic 位于 105 2nd Street, Rockport, Indiana 47635. 请打电话给 (812) 649-2271 for appointments on Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. 至下午6时.m.